Hello and welcome

My name is Julie, I am a co-founder of Gloria’s Place.

With a balance of information from different health professionals, to movement and creative art, we are about nurturing the mind, body and soul holistically. Having been on my own wellness journey for over 10 years, I understand the need for support to grow and heal.

Once I started on my journey to wellness I realised I needed to find a new way of living. I had been diagnosed with, psoriasis, erosive gastritis, iron deficiency and I was feeling nausea just about every day. I would experience bouts of severe pain and feeling emotionally unwell. My mind, body and soul were communicating to me but I couldn’t hear.

I took the time to learn about my illness. I attended workshops and retreats regarding health and nutrition. With help I researched online and read books regarding health and nutrition and healing yourself. It soon became apparent it was not any one thing that was going to heal me. It was me living a balanced life with wholesome nutritious foods, fresh water, sunshine, movement, creativity, love and support. My journey for wellness is my new way if living. I am in remission from psoriasis and gastritis, I am mostly pain free, I don’t have brain fog anymore, my memory has improved and I feel stronger. I believe the human body is an extremely intelligent organism that given the right environment can heal itself. Hence, Gloria’s Place of Wellness was born to provide beautiful spaces, in a tranquil environment, surrounded by nature, to help you relax and unwind on your journey to wellness.

As a part of my healing journey I learnt to take the time to love and nurture myself without feeling guilty. I started doing art and creating again. I loved art, but I did not realise how much I had missed it and how much it would help me during my healing journey. When I am creating my mind is quiet, my body is relaxed and I feel connected to myself.

I started creative days with my sisters Kerry and Debbie. We loved creating so much we created an art group “creative sistas”.

Creative Sistas aim:

  • To offer a safe space to create and have fun whether you believe you are an artist or not.
  • Have guest Artists facilitate workshops of assorted mediums: water colour and oil painting, clay jewellery making, resin, mosaics and more.

We look forward to hosting you ❤

845 Campersic Road, Brigadoon, WA

Event Enquiries : 0481 097 352

Email: gloriasplace@iinet.net.au