SATURDAY WEEKLY YOGA CLASSES from 9.00 am to 10.00 am.

Want to improve your health and boost your well-being? Need a safe space to find some stillness? Want to improve your strength and flexibility? Want to do yoga not just for fitness but also as a meditative and mindful practice?

This yoga class will help your mind, body and soul relax and feel re-energised. This class is set in the beautiful surroundings of the hilltops in Brigadoon, Perth.

SINLGE CLASS PASS: $20 + BF (booking fee)
5 CLASS PASS: There is a 10% discount10 CLASS PASS: There is a 15% discount.
PLEASE CLICK ON 5 / 10 class pass tickets for this discount to apply.

Even if you’re new to yoga, you’ll be in good hands! This class will be led by me : ) (Usha Raman), a Certified Yoga Instructor and Mindfulness Trainer/Coach. You can expect a safe and integrative practice in a nurturing environment. Yoga’s purpose is to quieten (with practice) the fluctuations of the mind and cultivate equanimity. And this is exactly what this class will focus on, with mindful awareness of movements whilst also keeping a sense of fun.

We will integrate movement, find postural alignment, focus on our breath and practise yoga as a holistic well-being experience for the mind, body and spirit. Reawaken your balance, flexibility, strength, fun, breath awareness and much more! Nourish yourself in a safe space.

With my expertise in Mindfulness, I incorporate beautiful mindfulness meditations and awareness practices into the classes. My Indian background means you will be treated with some live sound-healing mantras and yogic philosophies to help not just your body, but also your mind and emotions to find a sense of peace in your practice, on and off the mat.

Please bring your own mat and a bottle of water. (We have some mats available to borrow if you need)Makeup classes are available during the ‘term’ session and can be carried forward for 1 more term if needed.

I look forward to practising with you : )



Classes are resuming January 2022 🌈

Open Art Days at Gloria’s Place, where you can expect CREATIVE FREEDOM, SUPPORT AND LOVE.

Join us at Gloria’s Place of Wellness to create your soulful piece of art, enjoy the beautiful and tranquil environment, Share and learn ideas and techniques.

Don’t know what to bring, make, or create? That’s OK; we have you covered!

The “materials provided” ticket includes canvases, MDF boxes, mirrors, dream catcher kits and more, along with lettering, stencils, watercolours, acrylics, crystals, mosaic tiles, and so many other unique decorations, you won’t know where to start! Also included in your ticket is a light nutritious lunch and snacks, tea and coffee to keep you going while your creative juices flow. Please book early as tickets are limited.

Get excited to let your inner child out!


An inclusive group providing a network for women to connect, share, learn and grow in a positive and supportive environment. We host monthly gatherings and cover various aspects of well-being. There can be guest presenters and/or activities.

FIRST FRIDAY of every Month, Each month is something different!

Topics that may be explored include emotional intelligence, mindfulness, crafts, movement (e.g. dance or yoga), nutrition, skin health, finances, relationships, mindful communication, cooking, holistic therapies and much more! More information and bookings below…..

845 Campersic Road, Brigadoon, WA

Event Enquiries : 0481 097 352