Dr. Dingle

Dr D is one of Australia’s leading researchers, educators and communicators.

Dr D is one of Australia’s leading researchers, educators and communicators. He was an Associate Professor and leading researcher in Health and the Environment and is passionate about common sense and sustainable health approaches.

Nobody knows health and wellness like Dr Peter Dingle, Australia’s most engaging and innovative thought leader on the topics of health, wellness and the environment.

“Dr Dingle has spent the past 30 years as a researcher, educator, communicator and author. Formerly an associate professor at Murdoch University, Dr D has written more than 15 books on living well.

Blending motivation and humour, Dr Dingle regularly appears on state and national media. He was the presenter on the award-winning SBS program, “Is Your House Killing You?” and appeared regularly on ABC’s “Can We Help?” Dr Dingle is also the grandfather of the acclaimed “Living Smart” program.

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Usha Raman

Since 2004 I have trained hundreds of people from many countries, in a variety of contexts (universities, schools, businesses, conferences and volunteer etc).

As a certified trainer, behavioural consultant and master life coach, I facilitate workshops in personal development (specifically in the areas of mindfulness and emotional intelligence). 

This work has allowed me to work with hundreds of amazing people from all over the world. Leaving my corporate job as a Sales Manager to be a lecturer was when I truly discovered my love for training and teaching. 

I decided I wanted to teach the stuff we don’t get taught in schools but is what makes the biggest impact in our lives; how we think, feel and act (in order to achieve the most positive outcomes for ourselves). 

So my focus on wellness is on mental and emotional health. How to deal with ourselves and others in both happy and troubled times is a learned skill. 

I also advocate volunteerism and have organised countless community programs in self-empowerment in the Asia Pacific region for well over 20 years. I was on the board for a grassroots organisation and am currently a volunteer administrator for two not-for-profits which caters to the needs of refugees and other vulnerable communities

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Creative Sistas Open Art Days

A safe space to create and have fun whether you believe you are an artist or not.

Sisters Julie, Debbie and Kerry welcome you to Gloria’ Place of Wellness for-


We love creating so much we wanted to share it with everyone.

Create your soulful piece of art.  Share and learn ideas and techniques

Don’t know what to bring, make, or create?
That’s OK; we have you covered! we have canvases, MDF boxes, mirrors, dream catcher kits and more, along with lettering, stencils, watercolours, acrylics, crystals, mosaic tiles, and so many other unique decorations, you won’t know where to start!

Get excited to let your inner child out!

845 Campersic Road, Brigadoon, WA

Event Enquiries : 0481 097 352

Email: gloriasplace@iinet.net.au